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CAD/CAM Automatisering

The efficient and effective use of CAD/CAM software goes beyond the out-of-the-box functionality.
In order to make optimal use of the software, it must fit in and reinforce the processes within your organisation.

Far-reaching integration not only contributes to the highest possible productivity but drawing tools to automate repetitive actions or specific links with external software helps enormously reduce the error margin and improve lead times.

EBu Engineering strives to optimally support your engineering and work preparation department by eliminating repetitive tasks, realising links between software packages, and accelerating production or outsourcing processes.

We have extensive experience in integration and automation processes with various CAD/CAM packages including; HiCAD, Fusion, Inventor, BricsCAD, WiCAM, CADMAN, RADAN, WoodWop, and more.

Configure to Order (CTO)

Do quotations take too long? Are agreed delivery times rarely met? Is the margin of error too high? All this while the demand for customised and complex products is increasing?

Configure To Order (CTO) makes your work processes smarter by using modular building blocks in combination with software to configure each order instead of engineering it. This goes beyond parametric design or specific product configurators. By cleverly putting together the small modular building blocks, infinite combinations can be made, eventually even expandable with a web portal without needing an engineer.

EBu Engineering has extensive experience with CTO, from simple to very complex products. We strive to create solutions that your employees can maintain and expand. Want to improve your quality, reduce errors and reduce costs immediately? Contact us today.


At EBu Engineering, we empower success with real-time analytical AI for automation, prediction, and control to help you realise the value of your data faster and leverage limitless opportunities for innovation, growth, and success for your company.

By arming companies with advanced algorithms for business or geometric processing, industries can now automate many of the processes human beings have had to do by hand for many years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to recognise your customer use patterns to perform, calculate or predict complex activities in your manufacturing facility. At EBu Engineering, we can utilise AI and algorithms to streamline business processes, complete tasks faster, eliminate human error, and much more. In combination with advanced algorithms, for example, through geometric analysation, solutions to complex problems can be found.

A crucial part of mapping out your enterprise AI journey is choosing a partner that understands your organisation’s potential AI journey and can help you chart a path forward to meet short and long-term goals. EBu Engineering is here to take that on board and develop it further. We are here to make that happen for you.


Never more relevant than now, EBu Engineering understands that mass customisation and tailored products pressurise all firms to cut not only their development and engineering times, but also produce the low volume high variety products with minimum lead times.

By examining, designing, and implementing lean and agile processes into your company, we can help you gain immediate results within all parts of your operations. Through fact-based analysis, we can spot redundancies and other items that generate asset downtime and long lead times, ultimately resulting in increased overhead costs. Restructuring the firms’ processes will allow for resources to be allocated better so your company spends less while processes flow better.

One of the most common issues that companies face is having the right information at the right time. Streamlined processes in combination with bespoke software can eliminate this on many levels, allowing employees and departments to see and share information – rather than chasing it. Also, utilising process modelling, it becomes far easier to continually make improvements, locate bottlenecks as they arise, or opportunities to make that process more efficient. Embedding close communication into your company we aim to incorporate continuous improvement and top-quality focus of your technology, people, and processes, improving overall results.


Digital manufacturing is a term that is used in abundance nowadays. But what is digital manufacturing, and how can we help your company harness it to your advantage?

In a nutshell, digital manufacturing leverages digital technologies to benefit manufacturing operations. At EBu Engineering, we are at the forefront of adopting and incorporating digital manufacturing, creating factories that are connected, networked, and fully integrated. This enables you to use real-time data analytics to optimize the entire manufacturing process and realize productivity. Even simple adjustments such as part tracking and machines connected to a single system can make huge differences. We understand that enhancing these individual workstations collectively will benefit the entire production line and ensure continuous material flow, eliminating backups and reducing work in progress. Also, more advanced computing algorithms optimise the overall efficiency of your production.

With digital manufacturing, we can transform production lines to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce inventory, improve quality, shorten lead times, pivot quickly to meet client needs, and expand the number of products made. We consider multifaced enhancements as part of the entire digital manufacturing strategy. Make us part of your strategy today!

Software ontwikkeling

Manufacturing is progressing, and quickly. Call it Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the new status quo, but the fact remains the same: manufacturing is experiencing an era of acceleration!

Developing solutions both for your back office and industrial operations, we can upgrade your operational processes on every level for digital success. Whether your company needs to integrate a new software system or machine into your infrastructure or a complete redesign and upgrade outdated solutions, we will give you a hand in with projects of any type or difficulty level. From centralised manufacturing execution systems (MES), CAD tools, processing and analysing software, to enterprise resource planning (ERP), we operate across all departments. We not only develop software from the ground up, but we also integrate various systems of existing software suppliers.

Our software development solutions can be utilised for various types of manufacturers, including Make-to-Stock (MTS), Make-to-Order (MTO) and Configure-to-Order (CTO). The common dominator in the software development process are our clients’ needs and the high level of innovation.

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